Big Boss Caterpillar Exhaust Manifolds

Cat Exhaust Manifold



Forged from HSM Material, PDI's Manifolds Eliminate the Warping and Cracking Problems of an OEM Manifold.



 With a High Moly Content, the worry of center-divider failure and metal dissipation is eliminated.  Each Manifold is designed with a full-contact joint, which allows for Heat and Expansion, while holding a tight, efficient seal.



 Each PDI Manifold includes High Strength, Quality Studs for Added Strength and Durability.  Improved Air Flow helps to Lower Exhaust Temperatures, Reduce Turbo Lag, and Increase Horsepower and Torque.


E-Model Manifolds Available for 3406E, C15 & C16 Cat Engines.


                             Acert Manifolds Available for C15 Engines.